ASUS & JD Launch RT-BE88U WiFi 7 for Smart Home Connectivity

Shenzhen News Network, March 27, 2024 (Reporter, Zhang Junda) On March 27th, ASUS teamed up with to host a press conference in Beijing’s JD headquarters titled “ASUS Ai Router: Smart Whole-Home WiFi.” During the event, the world’s first full-featured WiFi 7 router, the RT-BE88U, was unveiled.

Attendees included Yu Yuanlin, General Manager of ASUS Computer Open Platform Division in China, Zhong Yufei, Network Products Director of the Open Platform Division, along with JD Group’s Vice President and the person in charge of JD Retail’s 3C Digital Division.

Yu Yuanlin expressed that China’s smart home market is rapidly growing, along with the integration of AI technology in smart homes. For online gaming enthusiasts and HD video fans, the advent of WiFi 7 technology is undoubtedly good news. ASUS is committed to focusing on user needs by delivering more WiFi 7 routers, practicing the philosophy of “ASUS Ai Router, smarter whole-home WiFi” through continuous innovation and breakthroughs, providing comprehensive AI features and services.

The ASUS RT-BE88U is the first full-featured WiFi 7 router globally, significantly upgraded in terms of port number, transmission speed, network security, and network configuration convenience. It is one of the most powerful, stable, and user-friendly networking devices in the industry, meeting the all-around needs of ultra-high-definition video, esports gaming, and the Internet of Things now and in the future. JD will leverage its all-scenario service capabilities to comprehensively boost ASUS’s marketing efficiency, accurately reaching more consumers with the RT-BE88U and creating a highly popular product. In addition to launching first on JD, ASUS has also become the first brand to anchor in JD’s “Ahead of the Curve” IP section, directly broadcasting in JD’s 3C Digital Purchasing Live Room. This year, the JD 3C Digital Purchasing Live Room plans to focus on “Ahead of the Curve” new products, becoming the initial sales battleground for brands alongside JD.

Full-Featured WiFi 7 + 10 Major Ports + PC-Grade Processor, ASUS Sets the Next-Generation Router Benchmark

With the continuous development of the smart industry and the increasing number of smart devices, consumers’ demand for network speed and security is also on the rise. The RT-BE88U is equipped with a quad-core 2.6 GHz, 64-bit PC-grade processor, and DDR4 2G of large memory, boasting very impressive performance. It is also the only router in the market with a configuration of ten ports, including two 10G high-speed ports offering unrestricted operation and enhanced speed and stability through gaming ports and port forwarding features.

As a full-featured WiFi 7 router, the RT-BE88U can improve the transmission rate by about 20% based on 4K QAM and can aggregate two frequency bands’ rates using MLO technology for faster and more efficient transmission. Its dual-band concurrent wireless transmission rate can reach up to 7200Mbps, which is 2.7 times faster than the WiFi 5 4×4 specification. With the help of ASUS’s proprietary Range Boost+ technology, the RT-BE88U can also extend the signal coverage by 38%, ensuring a smooth home network experience.

In addition, the RT-BE88U features an intelligent one-click scene optimization function that provides specialized acceleration for gaming, streaming media, conference office work, and online classes, achieving the best network experience across various scenarios. As for network security, the RT-BE88U incorporates a lifetime-free AiProtection Pro network shield, providing users with round-the-clock uninterrupted network security protection. ASUS’s unique AiMesh technology allows flexible networking with any ASUS router on sale, eliminating WiFi dead zones and ensuring a silky-smooth network throughout every corner of the home.

“ASUS has always been dedicated to providing billions of consumers with high-quality, reliable network products, ensuring a better quality of life in the information age. The release of the RT-BE88U not only brings an unprecedented full-featured WiFi 7 network experience for consumers but also, through flexible combinations of devices, delivers more personalized and convenient solutions for different scenarios at home and work, continuing to set a benchmark for network products.”

Nearly 20 Years of Deep Collaboration, JD Joins Forces with ASUS for Accelerated Growth

In this new product launch, ASUS has selected JD as its first global distribution channel for “Ahead of the Curve,” reflecting their high regard and expectations for JD as the world’s most trustworthy retail and infrastructure service provider. From the outset of JD’s establishment, ASUS commenced a deep collaboration that spans nearly 20 years. During this period, not only has JD become an essential online sales channel for ASUS, but together they have also delivered a high-quality brand image to consumers with leading service.

Their cooperation has continually escalated. In the router category, utilizing its supply chain capabilities and insight into consumer demand, JD has assisted ASUS in identifying consumer pain points. Through C2M reverse customization, they have helped ASUS launch many high-end router products that meet real user needs and lead the market, such as the first esports router created through their partnership, satisfying low latency, high stability, and high-speed requirements for gaming and setting a new trend in the esports router market. Under this deep cooperation, ASUS retail sales performance grew by over 100 times from 2013 to 2019, garnering widespread industry attention.

“We are delighted that ASUS has chosen JD for the first release of this significant new product, offering users an exclusive new purchase experience with early access to new products, privileges, and discounts. With JD’s all-channel marketing and push for new products, we believe that the RT-BE88U router, which represents a significant breakthrough in technological innovation, will become another explosive product in the AI technology field. Standing at a new starting point for AI routers, JD will continue to work with ASUS to lead the router industry to the next peak,” said the JD official in charge of office peripherals.

Adhering to the belief in surpassing expectations and the relentless pursuit of technology, ASUS has always led industry trends. With the era of WiFi 7 approaching, the launch of the RT-BE88U heralds the dawn of a new age. The continuously refined and polished top-tier products will cover various user life scenarios seamlessly while enriching and precisely tuning the product line, bringing a more robust boost to the entertainment experience and intelligent living for billions of consumers.

(Images in this article are provided by ASUS) Source: Shenzhen News Network

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